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Babu goes south, by Julia Millen

Posted by Julia Millen on Thursday, December 12, 2013,
Next day I was packed ready to go to the airport. My brother had nailed slats on the top of the beer crate to make a lid and with a black felt tip pen we put an arrow on the side and wrote: This Way Up. The whole family got in the car. Then we looked around. Where's Babu? The children got out again and dashed about trying to find him. They looked under the bed - not there. They looked in the kitchen. There he was - sitting, waiting by the place where the fridge used to be. The little boy pick...
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Babu takes off, by Julia Millen

Posted by Julia Millen on Wednesday, December 4, 2013,
The whole family was worried. Especially Babu. How was he going to live in a house without a fridge?
At this stage my brother looked at me.
'How would you like to have a cat?'
'Well. I'll have to ask Tom what he thinks,' I said.
That night I rang Tom in Wellington. 
'Would we like a cat? He's very handsome. Black with a tuft of white under his chin and he has big yellow green eyes.'
'OK by me,' he said. 'But he'll be a furry bundle of trouble.'
And as it turned out, Tom was right.
My next job was t...
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Babu's continuing story, by Julia Millen

Posted by Julia Millen on Sunday, December 1, 2013,
Babu sat staring at the space in the kitchen where the fridge used to be. The family were only a week away from sailing into uncharted seas. If they took the cat with them he would probably be washed overboard and drowned. They tried to find someone who would like to adopt a cat. They thought they had found a family. They piled into the car with Babu in the back seat. They drove to the address where the family lived. The children looked out of the car window - then they saw it. A dog. They lo...
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