Babu jumped out of the beer crate and began exploring. His legs felt a bit wobbly after his long journey and he nearly fell over, so he had to walk slowly. It was a strange house and very draughty. He realised he'd have to start growing a new fur coat. Walking about, sniffing and listening he suddenly pricked up his ears, peeked around a corner and there it was. A fridge. It was purring at him. He didn't feel like purring himself - not just yet - but he gave the fridge a little rub down, just to let it know he was a friend. Babu was getting hungry so he made a meouw and the new people gave him some milk. He didn't like milk. Then they gave him some food out of a tin. Not very nice, but he ate it anyway. He would have to train these people to give him proper food or he'd have to start hunting for mice. Even the thought of hunting was tiring so he went to a corner and lay down. Just before he went to sleep he heard a crackling noise. He opened his eyes. Bright flames were shooting up in an alcove across the room. He got up and crept nearer and then nearer. Yes, it was - a fire. Like there was in his old home in Onehunga. He could feel the warmth. Babu lay down on the mat, and for the first time since he'd been in this strange new place, he purred.