Tom met me at Wellington Airport.
'Where is he? He seemed to be expecting a furry black varmint to be peeking out from my handbag. 
'Have to go to a separate part of the terminal.' I said. 
We collected my luggage and then drove the car around to the freight section.
Inside we wandered about until an attendant came out from the back.
'Is this what your'e looking for?' he pointed. There was only one item on the counter - a beer crate.
'That's must be it.' Tom picked up the crate and we went back to the Simca. There was no sound from inside and
I wondered if Babu would have survived the flight. 
'Don't open up until we get home,' I said. 
Inside the house we closed the doors firmly and then Tom prized the lid off the crate.
Two large greenish/yellow eyes looked up at us from a black furry face as if to say. 'Where am I?'
'He's OK.' Tom grinned as he put his hand down to give Babu a stroke. 'What will we give him for his tea?' 
I could see that Babu had already made another conquest. From that moment Tom was going to be his slave.