Babu had been in his new home for 2 days. Still a bit nervous, he spent a lot of time hiding behind the piano or under the bed. Sometimes he came out to practice his old tricks - like shredding the cushion covers and biting leaves off the indoor plants. He was pleased when the new people gave him tastier food. On his second night he had fresh fish - one of his favourites. That night the phone rang. It was the children from his old home in Auckland.
'How's Babu?' they said.
'He's settling down, and he just had fish for tea.'  
'Oh' - came a sound of laughter from the other end of the phone. 'We had fish for tea too.'
The children were happy about Babu. 
'And we've made a up a song for him. It goes like this.'
It's very clear, our pussy's here to stay
Not for a year, forever and a day.
In time our hopes may crumble,
The house may tumble,
It's only made of wood - but
Our pussy's here - for good.'