The whole family was worried. Especially Babu. How was he going to live in a house without a fridge?
At this stage my brother looked at me.
'How would you like to have a cat?'
'Well. I'll have to ask Tom what he thinks,' I said.
That night I rang Tom in Wellington. 
'Would we like a cat? He's very handsome. Black with a tuft of white under his chin and he has big yellow green eyes.'
'OK by me,' he said. 'But he'll be a furry bundle of trouble.'
And as it turned out, Tom was right.
My next job was to work out how to get Babu from Onehunga, Auckland down to Wellington.
I phoned the airline. 'How much would it cost to send a cat to Wellington?'
'Is he travelling on your ticket, Madam?'
'Well yes, I suppose so.' I was thinking that if it cost too much, Babu would have to stay in Auckland. Or go to sea. 
'Then it would be $14.'
Is that all? I thought. It seemed the airline had made the decision for me - and for Babu.
'The cat has to be in a wooden or metal crate.' I said to my brother.
'No problem,' he said. And went into the garage and came back with a beer crate.