Not long after breakfast Fluffy was sitting on the porch having a bit of a wash: a big effort with extra long fur. She heard an engine noise: a Ute was coming up the drive. She watched as a man got out and then she saw them: three big dogs in the back. Fluffy made a quick dash under a bush. Annette and Bob came out of the house. The dogs started barking and then jumped down to the ground: Bella - a golden retriever; Murph - a ginger mongrel; Lucy - a retro-doodle. The dogs were nosing about and sniffing. The man was joking and laughing with Annette and Bob. Annette looked around and noticed only two dogs. 'Where's Lucy?' she said. 'And where's Fluffy?'
Fluffy was on the run, with Lucy in hot pursuit. Fluffy slid under a fence and ran helter-skelter through the orchard. She could still hear the dog barking and panting. Fluffy splashed through a creek, up the bank, under the next fence. She ran faster, skidding over the long grass to the tree trunks. She leapt and clutched with her claws, scrambling up the first one she came to. It was rather a thin tree - but would have to do. She heard barking and climbed higher, clinging to spindly branches.
'Fluffy, Fluffy.' Annette was calling. 'Where are you?'
The wind was rising, the tree was swaying, but Fluffy was not going to let on where she was.
(to be continued)