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Babu's continuing story, by Julia Millen

December 1, 2013
Babu sat staring at the space in the kitchen where the fridge used to be. The family were only a week away from sailing into uncharted seas. If they took the cat with them he would probably be washed overboard and drowned. They tried to find someone who would like to adopt a cat. They thought they had found a family. They piled into the car with Babu in the back seat. They drove to the address where the family lived. The children looked out of the car window - then they saw it. A dog. They looked at Babu. He was crouched behind the car seat. He was terrified. The little girl started crying. then the boy started crying. Then they were all crying. They turned the car and went back to the house without a fridge.  

Babu's story

November 22, 2013
On our dining room windowsill is a small wooden box with a label. Babu. This furry rascal came into our lives when my brother and his family were getting ready to sail around the world in a 40 foot ketch. I went to Auckland to see them before they left. In their rented house in Onehunga, they had sold or disposed of most of their furniture including the fridge. The cat was having a nervous breakdown.  
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