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Decision Time

Decision Time: A guide to choosing an aged-care facility in New Zealand

Jenny Moloney & Heather Johnston

“Decision Time is a well-researched, timely guide to choosing an aged-care facility. It is an invaluable resource for individuals and their relatives who are embarking on the task of finding, what may be, a final home. Those in the aged-care sector; providers, carers, social service and health professionals, will find much to ponder in this book.” ~ John Gibbons, Executive Officer, Age Concern, Wellington

THE DECISION HAS BEEN MADE. The time has come to move into an aged-care facility. But how do you make your choice? What do you need to know to help you decide?

This guide covers the key issues to be aware of; staff, care standards, abuse, and information your relatives need. From the first visit to the decision to move in, Jenny Moloney and Heather Johnston guide you through the process to ensure your choice best suits your needs. Be informed, know your rights, and safeguard your wellbeing and quality of life.

Registered nurses JENNY MOLONEY and HEATHER JOHNSTON are passionate about the quality of care provided in aged-care facilities. Both have post-graduate certificates in nursing the aged person and both served on the Board of Sprott House in Wellington. 

They have experience in private and rest home nursing in New Zealand and the United Kingdom and Heather’s work for the NZ Stroke Foundation in the early 2000s included advocacy for residents and their families and providing professional development for staff.

Decision Time is the result of the expertise of these dedicated women who have a compassionate interest in aged care. This much-needed guide is for individuals, relatives, and their carers.

Decision Time

$ 39 NZD

A guide to choosing an aged-care facility in New Zealand.

Endorsed by Age Concern, Wellington.

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