Self publishing


How to get your book published

Decide on your subject or genre - stories, poems, memoir, history, how to or help guidebook (see the above list)

Write all the words on a computer or word processor

Depending on the subject or genre– create a structure by dividing your material into chapters or sections with appropriate headings

Work out a contents page, listing all chapters or sections

Decide on a title and subtitle, including key words, relevant to the contents of the proposed book

Assemble illustrative matter if any: maps, photographs, sketches, diagrams  

Put together all this material: title page, contents page, chapters, illustrative material and copy it into the file or onto a CD.

At this stage make contact with the publisher and discuss the project with one of the directors.

What we can do to help you: 

We consider your project and assess the material 

We advise on the following:

-is the material appropriate for the subject or genre

-is the style of writing appropriate 

-is the structure appropriate

- is more research or other work needed  

-are the illustrations or maps appropriate

-is there a market for the proposed work

-what are the likely publicity and distribution outlets 

-how much editing would be needed

-what are the overall costs of design, production and of printing

Why us? 

From the computer file to the book, we offer:

A friendly and helpful professional editorial, design and publishing service.

Our standards for the finished book are among the highest in the market

We have a business relationship with NZ supply outlets 

We offer assistance to register with the Public Lending Right for NZ Authors scheme 

We assist with legal requirements (ISBN, CIP data, Legal Deposit)

The directors both have many years of experience in all aspects of publishing

We are keen to assist you to Get Published