Self publishing


“I am very pleased with the service provided by Writes Hill Press. I asked them to prepare a pdf and web copy of an anthology of poetry (Gazing to Sea) that I wrote in 2018 and 2019. Lynn made valuable editorial suggestions and provided informed input on formatting and design. We worked together very effectively in preparing the final copy, which only required two iterations. I like the fonts that she recommended and, now that the book is in print, I am delighted with its attractive appearance. My thanks to Writes Hill Press.” ~ David Alexander Lillis, Ph.D

“For years I've been keen to see Dad's WWII escape stories published. It's been great working with Writes Hill Press to achieve this. Lynn Peck and Julia Millen were creative and professional and my whole family is delighted with the production of the book, North to the Apricots: The escape stories of Sergeant Bruce Crowley DCM.” ~ Grant Crowley, Wellington NZ

Read about North to the Apricots on its dedicated book page here.

"Lynn, people just love the look and feel of [You're Telling Me!]. They exclaim over the cover and say how beautiful, and they compliment me/us on the feel, the layout, the photos, the quality of the printing and the general presentation of the book. You have done a great job! Thank you for your skill and care." ~ Robin Fleming, Waikanae NZ 

Read about You're Telling Me! A Memoir of Peg Fleming here.