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You’re telling me! A memoir of Peg Fleming

by Robin Fleming with the late Peg Fleming

A daughter’s loving memory of her mother, Robin Fleming’s book gives us all a gift. The gift is Peg Fleming’s story and story-telling. At the fulcrum of family lives, scientific discov­eries, the sometimes unrhyming calls of husband and children, of activism and diplomacy, Peg’s world exposes the unconventionality of convention. And the richness of a life built on listening to birdsong. ~ Professor Charlotte Macdonald, Victoria University

Lady Peg Fleming, née Chambers, wife of scientist Sir Charles Fleming, and mother of Robin, Mary, and Jean, was a science graduate from the University of New Zealand and an amateur historian in later life. Peg had a lifelong interest in travel, research, and learning, and filled her spare moments with voluntary work. Her greatest commitment was to the Federation of University Women, in which she was active until her death in 2000.

Robin Fleming’s memoir of her mother describes the tensions that existed for Peg between supporting her husband’s career, raising her daughters, and pursuing these varied interests and activities. It is a portrayal of a richly-lived life within the conventions and expectations of the then middle-class society. 

You're Telling Me

$ 54 NZD

Hardback, 208 pages.
Limited edition 300 copies.

First published November 2014.

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